Footer in asset summary


Can we please have a footer in the asset summary like we have in the P&L and Balance sheet and current account reports.

Fixed asset summary

What do you suggest would be the content of a footer applicable to fixed assets?


so It is uniformed with the other reports .
I have my contact details and page number in the other reports footer and it would look better if all the reports were the same in the compilation.
A footer is not necessarily applicable to that report


The footer for the balance sheet and P&L is meant for accounting notes applicable to those financial reports. This is a customary part of those particular reports. A fixed asset summary or schedule does not typically include accounting notes, as it is, itself, usually an attachment to a balance sheet or a tax return.


Because it’s not typical shouldn’t exclude that option from being available to the User - e.g. notes regarding changes in depreciation rates or current year v’s last year taxation incentives, accelerated depreciation etc.


Tut that is a funny answer whats typical? do you mean thats not what you would use it for? There has been several people on here that have asked if they could put a logo in the footer box. I have a separate page called notes to the accounts which is what I use for what you are describing… I did not think my request would warrant me having to explain why to you it was but a simple request if it can be done to the other reports then why not the asset report and hey you dont have to use it.