Font type and size

Depends on what operating system you are using and what fonts you have installed.

Generally, fonts used will be in this order:

  1. “Helvetica Neue”
  2. Helvetica
  3. Arial
  4. sans-serif

@ Lubos,
Thanks for this answer although it is quite some time ago .I have Windows 10 installed and I really like the font and the font-size. I want to print my own documents that go together with the standard reports from Manager with the same font and size. There is a variety of fonts in the Helvetica family. (I assume it is Helevetica Neue)What specific type of font is used in Manager.
Thanks for your answer.

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@Hennie, if you are looking to match transactions and reports generated via PDF, they are in the Google Noto font. This was substituted when the internal PDF generator was added to accommodate all the alphabets/characters used by the 70 different languages. (You might have noticed that PDFs do not exactly match screen displays. This is the reason.)

@ Tut
Thanks for your prompt reply.
I downloaded and installed the Google Noto fonts. But now I get confused. In windows 10 but also in Word, I can now choose from hundreds of Noto fonts. Can you help me out which one to choose when I want the same font as used for the standard P&L and Balance report with two columns? I live in the Netherlands as you are probably aware of.
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The ones that download in the Manager bundle for me are NotoSans-Bold, NotoSans-Regular, NotoSansDevanagari-Bold, and NotoSansDevanagari-Regular. NotoSans covers Dutch and 581 other languages. So that should be the only one you need to install on your machine for other applications to be able to match Manager’s output. Some applications generate bold, italic, and other styles themselves from a regular font. I would install both the regular and bold styles just to make sure you can match what Manager produces. (Manager does not install the fonts bundled with it. Its PDF generator just uses them.)

What I don’t know is whether Manager downloads to other locations include other fonts through some magic of detecting operating system parameters or IP address, etc. For that matter, I have no idea why my installation would include the Devanagari versions, unless they are always bundled. Or maybe the database records every language you’ve ever selected and covers all of those. (I did once answer a forum question that required me to switch to a language using that font.)

Thanks for your answer.
One final question.
We now know that the Google Noto fonts are used for the pdf-generated reports, but is Helvetica Neue still the font-type that is used for printed reports as Lubos mentioned in his answer from Feb '16.
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Manager is using Noto for every report

One thing I discovered while trying to run this down for you, @Hennie, is that Microsoft Office applications may not recognize and allow you to use third-party fonts. So for example, after installing Noto Sans, I can generate a spreadsheet with it in an Apple Numbers spreadsheet, but not in Microsoft Excel.

Indeed. In the font-window, Noto shows up as an available font in Word 2016, but that’s it. It doesn’t recognize it.
I installed the open-source application Open-Office Writer (equivalent for Word 2016 and free software) and Writer recognizes the Noto font and prints it.
So for my own reports and text, I will switch over to Open-Office as this appears to be the only option in case you want the appearance of the standard reports Manager prints and your own text to be the same.

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LibreOffice is also a good option

but it works good in Windows.

Just installed Noto-font for Mac and Windows10.
Font is recognised and can be used with for instance Word 2016 and Excel 2016.
So if anyone interested in how to do that I will make a small manual.

I would be interested. After I installed Noto Sans, I can use it with any application except Microsoft Office ones. Microsoft’s support site is where I learned they won’t support third-party fonts. Presumably, they consider Google a third party.

I use Noto under Office 2010 for Windows

Installing Noto Sans for Mac 10.13.6 High Sierra:

  • go to Google Fonts
  • download for instance [Noto Sans 72 styles 582 languages 237 regions]
  • unzip the file, remember the location
  • open Launchpad and open “Fontcatalogue” (free translated from the Dutch word “Lettertypecatalogus”) in Other, where you can also find Terminal, Chess and Time Machine and so on.
  • In “Fontcatalogue” click once on [Windows Office Compatibel]
  • Go to “Add font” in “Archive”, that is part of the menu so you find it on the first line of your screen.
  • Click once on the folder name where you unzipped your downloaded Noto-fonts.
  • Click on [Open]
    The fonts included in the folder will now be installed in the OS.
    It worked for me, hopefully also for you.

Installation manual for Windows will be made tomorrow.

Thanks, @ries. In English, the application is named Font Book.

We may have regional differences in the application. Where are you finding [Windows Office Compatible]? I am not able to find any such option/button/etc. The Noto font shows as being installed in the Font Book list. And I can do everything with it I can do with other fonts, including manipulating it in Font Book and selecting it in all applications except Office.

You have a newer version of Word and Excel. Maybe that is the difference.

Maybe this will help:

Be aware that in the last link the user writes that apparantly the solution was to close all applications and do a reboot on the Mac… (Seems a typical Windows solution to me :wink: ).

If you have Office 2011 for the Mac, you may be out of luck.
[Applies To: Office 2019 Office 2019 for Mac Office 2016 Word 2007 PowerPoint 2007 Office 2016 for Mac Office 2010 Office 2013 Less]

That explains it.

Installing font Noto Sans on Windows 10:

  • go to Google Fonts
  • download for instance [Noto Sans 72 styles 582 languages 237 regions]
  • unzip the file
  • open the unzipped file
  • now you will see a lot of Noto fonts, choose the one you like, for instance Noto Sans Regular
  • right-click!!! on the file
  • an option-menu will open and one of the options is [install]
  • after installation is completed the font can immediately be used, even if a program like Excel was open.

This should work for Windows10 in combination with:

  • Word 2007
  • Powerpoint 2007
  • Office 2010
  • Office 2013
  • Office 2016
  • Office 2019