Fixing Account For Supplier and Customer

Pease fix about account about Suplier and Customer:

  1. Please add Customer Credits on Asset Group
  2. Add Suplier Credits on Liabilities Group
  3. Or just let user to customize what in that group by ourselves.

@ahmadsetioaji, you may be misunderstanding the purpose of the accounts you mention. Supplier Credits is an asset account. It represents money available or designated to pay suppliers. That cannot be changed. Within Manager, there are sub-accounts for each supplier.

Customer credits is a liability account. It represents money owed to customers. Again, that cannot be changed, and there are sub-accounts for each customer.

Both are hard-coded into the functionality of Manager. Reassigning them to the wrong category would totally break the system.

I can recommend background reading at Debits and Credits | Explanation | AccountingCoach for more information on debits and credits. The terminology can be very difficult to keep track of.

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Then if i am receiving money from my customers, and paying to buy orders from suppliers? How to I make it so that when I do my transactions, I can input customer transactions into Accounts Receivable?

Do you have sales Invoices turned on or are you simply receiving money and entering the customer account?

Typically you would use sales invoices to invoice your customer: Dr Receivables / Cr Sales Revenue
(You could alternatively do this with a journal entry)

Then receive cash from the customer: Dr Cash (Bank) / Cr Receivables

Then buy from suppliers using Purchase Invoices: Dr expense or Inventory etc. / Cr Accounts Payable

Then pay cash to your supplier: Dr Accounts Payable / Cr Cash (Bank)

My guess is that you are using receive money to receive money from your customer before recording the fact that they owe you money. If you get money from a customer who doesn’t owe you anything (i.e. there is no open receivable invoice), then the customer has a customer credit, which is indeed a liability to you.

I’m guessing the situation here based on what you are describing, but could it be you are simply missing the step of recording the receivable (and your revenue) before receiving the cash to pay that receivable?

See my comments on your other post: How to link Accounts Receivable with Customer? - #3 by Tut