Finding items that are on sales orders

I have customers place pre-orders for items when they are planned to be made.
I need to know how many of an item I need to order to cover my pre-orders as well as what I want to have in stock.
I also need to know who has an item on pre-order when it is finally available to sell.

My questions are:

  1. When I am ready to order an item from the manufacturer, how can I generate a report or see how many of a particular item are on sales orders?

  2. When I receive my order of an item, How do I know which sales orders contain that stock item so that I know to contact the customer or generate a sales invoice.

When you go to inventory items there is a column “Qty on hand”, it would be great if there was a column next to it that stated “Qty on sales order”.
It would also be nice if you could then click on that figure and drill down to show each sales order that contained that stock item.

Maybe there is presently a way that I can do these but if there is, I can’t work out how.
If not, I would like to request that the ability to do the above is implemented.

Thanks, keep up the great work :slight_smile:

You can’t, because sales orders are not financial transactions. So line items on them don’t appear anywhere.

You don’t unless you look at individual sales orders. Manager is not a production planning tool at present.

I’ve put your suggestion into the Ideas category.

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In that case, the sales order function isn’t very useful.

In my previous software you could do all that and also apply deposits against sales orders and effectivly make them a lay-buy. Once the deposits against the sales order met the total, it was released and invoiced out.

Can I at least generate a report or export data into excel so I can list all items on sales orders?


You can’t view line items across all orders yet. It’s a feature that will be implemented quite soon. This will go well with custom fields on line items so it will be possible to search them across all entries.

As for tracking fulfilled orders, I’m yet to decide on how to implement it.

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Just for Suggestion…
Can we try it…As in Invoice (the status Column)
I think Its easy to find which Sales order is completed and which is not by Status Column in that… two heading (Pending and Completed) And Provide a color to easily Identifying as in Invoice.
its just as per my Idea as per my limited knowledge.:cowboy_hat_face: You batter know how to implement.:innocent:

good Idea…

That wouldn’t be very useful. If something doesn’t reconcile, you need to trace down the issue. This is why everything needs to be transactional. You just can’t have a switch to Completed from Pending. Not to mention, many orders can be only partially fulfilled or over-fullfilled. All this needs to be accounted for too if you want rock-solid order tracking.

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Yes you right… In my previous suggestion… I don’t think on that partially or Over fulfilled orders…:+1:

This has been implemented earlier this year so moving out of ideas.

On sales orders, there is now checkbox Track quantity to deliver


This will give you new column under Sales Orders tab


It’s a simple ledger which consists of quantities on sales order which needs to be cleared by delivery notes.

This way you can track what items customer has ordered and what is pending to be delivered to them.

Yet we do not have pending Ă­tems yo receive from purchase orders