Find Customer Created in a certain month

We have multiple users and I would like to know if there is a way to find a customer created at some point in time? This does sound silly but if a customer is created and no one remembers or holds any identification of the customer name, phone number etc or anything but an approximate date of creation.
Note no transactions have been applied to the customer which limits the search options, how can the customer record be found in the estimated creation period?
We have checked auditing and can get a feel for when the record was possibly created but auditing is not intuitive at this stage, it basically tells us what action was carried out when and by who.
In addition because there is no activity for the “unknown Customer” conventional and custom reporting methods do not reveal the forgotten customer.

I have since created a “test customer” with no transactions as yet and have the same outcome.

Custom reporting has grown a lot but feel creation date maybe a worth while addition.
Auditing is still developing too so I am hoping more detail is given there too.

Server Version 20.6.63

  • List all customer with transaction via a custom report

  • List all customer via the customer tab

  • Use an external database to find the difference of these 2 list

Or wait for further custom report enhancements

  1. Does not solve the Date range criteria.
  2. Not too keen on customer databases being exported elsewhere on the network.
  3. I think waiting for the enhancements a more secure option.

Cheers Thank you.

Go to the Customers tab. Sort the column for Invoices by clicking its heading. Hopefully, there will only be one customer with no invoices, or very few. If your mystery customer is not one of those, then your presumption of no related transactions was incorrect.