Zero Purchase Customer List

How can we generate reports to find out that which customers has not purchased any item or product in current or specific month

Define a Sales Invoice Totals by Customer report for the desired time period. However, the report suppresses customers with no activity. So add a comparative column that goes back in time to a period when the customers did purchase. (The easiest thing is make the comparative column span from the beginning of your business until the day before the time period you are really interested in.)

Dear @Tut is this possible to find out Zero Purchase Customer List in current cloud version?
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Create the report suggested by Tut in the answer he gave on Feb 13

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Put the dates for the current month in the first line
Put the dates from the beginning of business or year or whatever period you feel is good into the From and the last day of the previous month or period into the To on the second line

This will give a list of all customers who have purchase from you and any customer with zero in the first column of the report has not purchased anything in the month

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