Feature request: Drop-out/down menu items - desktop version

When you go to Settings and customise the items in the left bar, it can be quite long. It would be handy if sub-menu items were selectable by clicking on the top menu item.

For example
When you select > Bank and Cash Accounts
It then displays the sub-items Receipts, Payments, Bank Recon etc as a popup/out to the right. Like a dropmenu.

This will solve the issue where the left bar may have too many items listed needing to scroll to see them all if you use a long list of sections.

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That is not how it’s done. The left navigation pane is customized by clicking the Customize link below it, with a few tabs appearing automatically based on other setup decisions. The presentation format is a design decision made long, long ago. Once you have set up a business, you hardly ever return to Customize. If you need to, it is helpful to see all the tabs available, even at the expense of a little scrolling. Using your example, how would you know the Bank Reconciliations tab existed if it was hidden in a pop-up menu?

That is the point—to see them all. And it is not a matter of whether you “use a long list of sections,” which are referred to as tabs. Whether used or not, all tabs are available, so they are shown so you can choose which you need.

But I believe you have focused on a non-issue. As an example, I have a business created 10 years ago. After designing the chart of accounts and determining which types of transactions the business would be using—all done in the first week of using the program—I have had to revisit the Customize link exactly once (to accommodate an unforeseen requirement related to a governmental COVID-19 recovery program). At that point, pop-up menus would have been an annoyance, not a help.

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OK, fair enough :slight_smile: