Feature request: Create purchase invoice from bank transaction

I often directly post transactions from the bank to an account, because usually I pay the same day.
I’ve had quite a few occations where I did that (or even before booking), and then want to create a purchase invoice from that transaction. The big difference is the invoice date.

It’d be helpful if there would be a button which creates takes you to the “create purchase invoice” screen, where all lines have been copied, so you only need to select the creditor and change the date.
It should have a warning with something like: “The amount of xxx on transaction yyy will be changed to a payment on creditors -> creditor -> this invoice”

Actually, the biggest difference would be the supplier identification. A payment is not recorded to any supplier’s account, because supplier’s are subsidiary ledgers of Accounts payable. The Payee field for a payment is not linked and is not a subsidiary ledger of anything.

Doing what you suggest is not a matter of adding a button. It would require redesigning the program to link cash payments and receipts to suppliers and customers. This has been in the ideas category since the beginning: Improvement to payment and receipt forms.