Feature: make month dropdowns searchable / refinable


Looks like you’re using chosen for nice dropdowns - why not enable to filtering capabilities to people who prefer to use the keyboard can enter the first few letters of the month, then continue along?


The reason why date input is that way is because I wasn’t able to find date picker control which would support all possible date formats around the world last time I’ve looked. I will be looking again, I’ve seen some new date controls popping up lately.


@lubos you are using select2 correct? You should just be able to enable search on the data which would give keyboard access to the months? Apologies if I am missing something.

I much prefer having 3 inputs (day, month, year) when choosing a date, rather than a datepicker/calendar.


I have disabled search option in select2 control for month field because I thought it would be silly just for possible 12 values.


@lubos having it enabled would make keyboard-centric data input much more streamlined: typing the first few characters - or even the first - of your input is far preferable to using arrow-up/down (the direction dependant on the today’s month), or jumping over to the mouse / trackpad / etc


The latest version has lookup field on “Month” enabled


That’s perfect - thanks so much!