Exporting Manager Report drill-down may fail to include all columns (Dr/Cr)

Specifically I am using the Northwind test database with example data and Desktop Manager v20.8.25 and Manager Server v20.8.40.

If I run the Profit & Loss report (same thing happens for other built in reports)

and drill down on the Inventory Costs shown highlighted above (but it happens of all drill downs if applicable)

Notice that column headings, specifically it only has Debit column. If I click the export button on the bottom of the page, I get all three pages of data, but only with the column heading shown. (e.g. NO CREDIT Column)

If I hit the next page until I get to page 3 or 3, you will notice that the Header has changed as there are now Credit items to display.

If I now select the Export button on the bottom of the page, I now get the correct data being exported.

This is a bug, because If you export on the wrong page, you will not get all the data you think you will get but may not be aware of it.

I can replicate this. I will move the topic to bugs.

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I’m going to change how export button works. I think eventually it will be just Copy to clipboard button and it will copy the contents of the table you are looking at. We already have it working like that on reports.

Now, the tables by default are limited to 50 rows but I’ve just added ability to change number of rows.

So the new way to export all the rows correctly is to set number of rows per page to Max and then click Export button. A bit convoluted at the moment but soon Export button won’t take you to another screen. It will simply copy what you are looking at to clipboard.

This will also solve issues with batch delete and batch update where you will be able to control number of rows to batch update/delete.

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Thanks @lubos. Confirmed in v 20.8.53. I think your planed solution is best compromise.