Export to htm (Google Sheets) button

Here is a way to work with reports, both standard and custom, in Google Sheets

In Manager select a report to View and then click Copy button

Open Notepad an press Ctrl-V (In Mac a comparable software would probably be TextEdit but haven’t tested)
Select Save and when entering the file name add “.htm” to the end. For example Report.htm

Open Google Sheets in a browser
File / Import / Upload / Select a file from your device

you might need to turn Amounts into numbers to work with and this can be done usually by choosing Ctrl F and replace comma (,) with dot (.)

@Lubos, export to htm button would therefore most likely be a good option to have in Manager´s Report module, to skip Notepad and copy/paste chore, as Google Sheets has become a very capable spreadsheet software.

01 Custom report

02 Notepad

03 file name


Exports are tab-separated-value (TSV) files. Why go through this multi-step process?

My suggestion was an export button “Export to htm” of standard htm files if possible, to get rid of multistep process with copy/paste, as such htm files can be uploaded straight away easily in Google Sheets for use.

Judging from posts in the forum about difficulty transporting data from reports into spreadsheets, just getting the data transferred successfully is probably the main concern for many users and maybe not so much how many steps it takes, but ofcourse fewer steps is always better

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