Export to Excel

When entering into Cash Book - see below it allows you to split over difference items
But when you export to excel it just shows as one line. Is that because the tracking code is the same

Is there a way I can show each line separate


You need to post more complete screen shots so we know what you are showing. Post both the cash transaction and the export to which you refer. I suspect you were exporting the cash account register, which only lists totals. Tracking codes are irrelevant.

There is no export function from a cash transaction form. Regardless of where you are in Manager, the export function exports what’s on the screen (plus continuation of the list if it runs to more than one page).


As I thought, what you are showing is a multi-line cash receipt. The various line items can all go to different accounts. But the cash receipt cannot be exported. You don’t need to export it because you can print or email it directly. (Not from this Edit screen, but after clicking View in the register.

The full register of the particular cash account can be exported, but it will not break down the transactions into individual line items. The register shows only the total amount of the transaction, because that is what is paid out, not a bunch of separate line items.

If you want to see individual account transactions, drill down from the Summary page on the specific accounts.