Expenses Claim - Date column for each expenses item in one claim

Hi Team,

May I know how can we have a DATE column in each item? From what I know currently, we can only put all the same date items in one claim. With this, we will have to print out a lot of pages if we pay expenses claim on a monthly basis.

What we want is to put all claim items (Different Date but same month) in one claim so that we can print one claim list for management approval rather than printing each claim for each day.

You can do one Expense Claim - dated the last day of the month - and put the individual expense dates at the start of the Description for each line item.

In fact, you could build up the “monthly” Expenses Claim on a daily basis by just adding line items as required so that its ready at the end of the month,

Thanks for the recommendation. I will give it a try.

In fact, Manager Development team should look into creating a date column for each claim item in the next Manager update.