Expense claim listed in purchase order

I have put an expense claim into purchase order and don’t seem to be able to change it as it keeps coming up referenced by another item. How do I delete the purchase order and re-enter it in to its correct location?

At the risk of stating the obvious, you need to find the transaction that references the expense claim. But are you sure the problem lies with the purchase order? From an accounting perspective, a purchase order has no effect on position or performance, because it does not record an actual transaction. That occurs when the supplier sends you an invoice, which you enter into Manager as a purchase invoice.

To find the offending transaction, try these suggestions:

  1. Under Summary, click on the blue figure (or dash) beside Expense claims. Click Edit for the one you are trying to get rid of and see where it really went.

  2. Check to see if the Suspense account shows in the Summary. If so, you entered something wrong. Click its balance to see what transactions are involved.

  3. Check to see if you converted that purchase order into a purchase invoice and paid it. If so, unravel that transaction, cancel the offending item, and redo.