Exchange rate confusion

Hello Cloud user!

A few days ago everything in our summary was fine.

Today I noticed it was all crazy. Found a transaction where the exchange rate field said 1 TZS = 2440 USD (should be 1 USD = 2440 TZS). The transaction has not been edited (was created about 1 month ago).

Could this be caused by an update or do we have a ghost problem?

Have you checked the History of the transaction?

Yes. Can’t see any changes. Last change was done more than 1 month ago.

Here is the history. The one today was done by me to correct it.

Can you show the view pages - hard to say anything useful with the screen image you have shown

Sorry about that. Just wanted to show it wasn’t changed.


First update:

Second update (I reversed the exchange rate) due to summary page being completely incorrect.

Those three payment transactions have the same exchange rate

The first transaction looks like it was from a cash account and not a bank account (no BankClearDate) but as you hide the Paid From name, I can’t tell

Yes, the issue to be seems that from the beginning it was 1 USD = 2450, and then almost a month later that changed (our summary was completely off), then I went in and reversed it and it got back to normal.