Confusion on entering exchange rate

When exchange rate is displayed it show the effective date. When you click on edit the date changes to the current date. @lubos, Date entered and effective exchange rate date should clearly be distinguished because as of now, the dates things is making confused .

Viewing exchange rates

after clicking on edit.

Also Im confused must you edit/update exchange rates to reflect changes in for a particular foreign currency or create a new exchange rate anytime there is a new rate?

Create a new exchange rate if you want it to apply only from the new date.
Amending an existing exchange rate will change all previous transaction after that date.

Meanwhile, I will put up the unrequested date change as a bug.

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Pardon my English

Fixed in the latest version (18.1.95)


Hi, I’m new for manager so need a help on exchange rates

I can find the place where it is updated but no updates visible

What should I do after updating the rate & date to make the updated value visible?

Exchange rates are not displayed anywhere but in the Settings tab.

@Tut : Thank You so much but once I update the rate in the settings tab, I can’t see the conversion value.
This is USD - LKR conversion. Home currency is LKR.
For example, in a Payment of US$ 5,000, LKR conversion will be 990,000. But still I see that as LKR 5,000. No conversion value is visible.

Please show the edit screen of the payment and the edit screen of the Exchange Rate setting

If your base currency is LKR, you will only be able to enter payments in USD when selecting a cash or bank account denominated is USD. The Edit screens @Joe91 requested will show whether you are doing things correctly.


But the same amount is displayed. The conversion doesn’t visible

So you have shown the second Edit screen requested. Now show the first. And what do you mean by “…the same amount is displayed?” Displayed where?

This is the 1st one

The same amount means, I need the amount visible in the payment tab from LKR

After the conversion, still the LKR value isn’t displayed. Only the USD value is there as usual

No, it is not. This is just a list of exchange rates you have entered from the Settings tab. And there is no point to the most recent two, because they are the same as the first one. You should delete them.

You were asked to show the Edit screen of the payment transaction.