Exchange rate auto updated 01/01/0001

Dear All,
Good morning from KSA.
We are booking our import invoices in the relevent currencies, mostly USD, Euro and our base currency is Saudi Riyal. We have recorded a standard rate of USD & euro in the system, and system make conversion to SAR based on these rates.

However, yesterday i noticed new exchange rates appeared few days back with the date showing as 01/01/0001, and when i deleted these unrecognised rates all the balances changed, my profit, P/A etc.
To understand and rectify I need help,

1. * How system took these rates without our intervention
2. * How to revert back the to get the same result, (values before deleting the rates)

Any help would be appreciated.

Don’t know what is P/A but deleting historical exchange rate cannot possibly affect your current profit (unless you have no other exchange rates) and definitely cannot change “all balances”. You need to be more specific what exactly have changed.

Also, there is History button in top-right corner which you can use to undelete whatever has been deleted.

Wow thanks
I’ll do it