Exchange rate - Auto calculated for Outstanding Invoices

Hi, Im currently new using this software. My base currency is MYR and my customer and supplier using USD.

I am currently keying in my audited opening balance as of 31 March 2015 for trade debtor and creditor in USD. I had key in the invoices at cost price and the date of the invoice itself. Exchange rate in the settings also has been updated accordingly as taken from ageing report.

I notice that i unable to get the amount to MYR as per audited balance. This is due to the Invoice is revalued every day which i had key in the exchange rate amount. I use simple example to demonstrate my issue:

1 March 2015 -> 1USD = 3.7212MYR
Invoice No.WS112 - USD1,000,000 , RM3,721,200

Another invoice had key in
31 March 2015-> 1USD = 3.7483MYR
Invoice No.WS112 - USD1,000,000 , RM3,748,300

My audited account shows RM3,721,200. However in the software shows RM3,748,300, and resulted gain in forex. There is nothing wrong in this features, it just i prefer the value of MYR stays at historical cost value.


  1. How to disable the auto update invoice value, so it only shows the cost price for MYR?
  2. If it can’t, is there any ways to separates unrealized forex loss/gain with realized forex loss/gain? It is easy for tax purpose.


1.) If you don’t want the invoice to be re-evaluated with 3.7483 exchange rate, don’t enter 3.7483 exchange rate.
2.) It’s not currently possible to separate unrealized and realized forex losses/gains but that is coming soon.