Errors detected in the XREF table

When using the pdf button to save say an invoice, pdf xchange editor shows an error: errors detected in the XREF table. When I re-save the pdf and re-open the message is gone. Would it be possible to fix this as while the error message is only visible in Pdf Xchange Editor, the developers state that Manager is not creating pdf compliant documents so other programs like acrobat are just automatically fixing the error.

I have asked Tracker (the developer of Pdf Xchange) and they say:

This error message is presented when we have detected any potential errors in a document that we know how to fix. Generally speaking these issues are often minor, but if left unresolved can lead to larger issues within the document, such as file corruption and data loss.

Unfortunately, if you always see this after creating a document from this accounting program, it seems that it does not create the PDF’s perfectly. Some applications do not attempt to detect these errors, and some, like Adobe, will usually catch them and fix them automatically without user intervention. We on the other hand believe that users should be aware when an issue is present in the document so that they have a chance to figure out what the cause could have been.

They suggested two solutions:

Problem is very simple - XRef stream has incorrect /Index entry.

Code: Select all

/Index[0 185]/Size 186

File has only one XRef section, which describe all objects in file, so this entry is optional. /Size entry is correct, since document has objects with maximum number 185, but /Index entry say that it has only 185 records instead of 186 required, and XRef stream itself does not contain record about last object (185, XRef stream itself). Normally this does not prevent PDF files to be opened by most readers, but does not conform PDF specification.


They can likely find what is wrong by using some document comparison application, such as WinMerg to see what aspects were changed between our fixed version, and their original version.

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I am using PDF Xchange editor V8 and it is still reporting the same error with PDFs generated by manager. I hope it will be fixed eventually.

I had forgotten that I had reported this.

@Tut could you add this to the bugs category so that @lubos can report this bug to the people who develop the pdf software that Manager uses to create pdf’s. I speak under correction, but I believe the pdf software is developed by a third party, not by Manager itself. We should be able to report this as a bug that they can fix.