Error when I minimize Manager Desktop app on Windows 10 PC

That’s a good move.
Failing which go for clean install the OS provided you have the product key.
Will solve all the problems at once

Hello guys,

Thanks for all the options and assistance. Thank you @lubos for chiming in. Unfortunately, I did a windows reset before seeing the message on providing a new screenshot.

All seems well for now. If the error does pop up again I will be sure to follow the last set of instructions. Thanks.

Sorry guys I spoke to soon. The issue is still there. @lubos Please find attached the requested screenshot. Thanks in advance

I have already upgraded to version 21.5.29.

I was also having the same error, so I switched to the server version. Problem gone.
It is caused by Webview2.
Before Webview2 was compulsory I never had the problem with the desktop version so long as I didn’t accept the installation of it.
Don’t know why it doesn’t do it on the server version, but it was whenever Manager was minimized and other programs were in use, when you tried to expand it, it crashed.
If I use the desktop version now it still crashes.

Perfect @VACUUMDOG . Thanks for the info.

Unfortunately, I can’t afford the server version at the moment. Let me see if I can get more info on how to solve this from other users.

I suggest trying two easy things first.

  1. Check Webview2 is installed properly. probably easiest done by uninstalling it then re-install it. This can be done manually offline via
  1. Check Manager Desktop has installed properly by re-installing the same version and selecting “Repair”

I am not paying for the server version, I am just using it as stand alone instead of the desktop version.
It does give me the ‘evaluation only’ warning across the top of the screen, but I can live with that rather than having it crash all the time.
Try what @Patch suggests, it might work for you, but re-installing webview, installing off-line, repair of manager etc. etc. did not work for me.
If you look at Issues · MicrosoftEdge/WebView2Feedback · GitHub you will see that there are, at time of posting, 526 open issues etc. with it!!! :scream: :scream: :scream:

Hello @Patch ,

Thanks for the suggestions, I tried both, but the problem still persists

The best option is if you have the facility and the backup needed.
Go for a clean install win 10
This is what I did when I had certain problems like this.

Before that as a last attempt make your default browser Edge if you are using Google or any other

Thank you @AMM for your input. Let me try changing the default browser to Edge. A clean install for now would be a bit extreme.

Tried making Edge default. It didn’t work. Thanks for the help @AMM

Works for me on macOS, but that’s quite an extreme solution (switching from Windows → Mac) so I mention it only as a joke :slight_smile:

You could try some of the compatibility mode options built into Windows. For example, setting the application to always run as administrator.

Thanks for the suggestion @ShaneAU . I’m trying that now

I did a clean install (wipe harddisk partition all that), updated to the latest version of windows and also changed my default to Edge, but that didn’t help.

I’ve updated to 21.5.31 but still experience the problem. Anyways, I’ll just have to live with the inconvenience (I love Manager too much to change). Thanks for all the help and suggestion guys.

Can you confirm: 1 that you really are using 64 bit Windows 10 and installed

Should he not download it from the page

Is the same.

Hello @eko ,

Thank you for your input. Yes I can confirm that I’m using 64 bit windows

and that the Manager install is for 64 bit.

check if your system is up to date, like firmware HP ProBook 430 G4 Notebook PC Software and Driver Downloads | HP® Customer Support and graphics drivers.

Also confirm that Widows 10 is up to date:

  • Connect to the internet.
  • In Windows, search for and open Windows Update settings.
  • If updates are not listed in the Windows Update window, a Your device is up to date message displays, along with the date that Windows last checked for updates. If you want to see if any updates became available since Windows last checked, click Check for updates.