Error allocating payments to 'accounts receivable' causing customer credits to invoices

Reading up on other topics, it seems that I have made an error when allocating payments. I usually allocate payments to invoices paid to ‘professional fees’ rather than ‘accounts receivable’, but on this one occasion I allocated the invoice payment to ‘accounts receivable’.

The affect on doing this has caused subsequent invoices to that customer as receiving credit and the invoices automatically shows payed in full, without me sending them out.

the description of the invoice shows:

“Automatic payment using available credit - Sales Invoice #10020

I tried to delete the offending invoice, but I am not allowed to. Is there any way where I can reset this so that I no longer get involved in customer credit allocation?

Many thanks for you time in advance.


You shouldn’t be deleting any invoices but undoing/correcting the wrongly allocated payments.
On that one occasion do you use Receive Money - Customer Credits or Receive Money - Accounts Receivable?

When you created the Invoice, that would have put income into your ‘professional fees’ account
If you allocated the payment to ‘professional fees’ also, then this will doubled up your income

To correct your situation - Delete the Receive Money transaction you did on that one occasion to accounts receivable - this will eliminate the automatic payments.
Next, you need to go (from the beginning) to each Receive Money transaction which you used ‘professional fees’ and start reallocating them to Account = Accounts Receivable then select Invoice to be paid. Once this has happened - re-enter the deleted Receive Money

Hi Brucanna,

Thanks for that. Seems all is well with my numbers now. :slight_smile: