Entering receipts in foreign currency

My base currency of Manager is USD, however I have a foreign IRAQI dinar(IQD) currency too. I have written appropriate exchange rate between USD and IQD too, but when i would like to record a receipt in IQD currency, it is not possible and records it only in base currency. I read some articles that i need to select Received in account but when it does not show any accounts when i click in there. Also, it does not show me the two currencies in the line to enter even manually the counter part of the USD.

hope someone can help

Receipts are entered in Bank or Cash accounts
A Bank or Cash account has a currency associated with it
You can only enter a receipt in the currency of the account

So the IQD receipt must be entered into an IQD Bank or Cash account

Thank you @Joe91 but when i go to chart of accounts to create a bank or cash account it does not have the option to associate a currency with it. Can you tell me the steps to create one?

Simply search the Guides for bank. :wink:

You do not create Bank or Cash accounts in the Chart of Accounts

You create them in the Bank & Cash Accounts tab

Hence the advise from @Mark to use the Manager guides as this is part of starting with Manager.

Thank you both, yes i did not know it was a tab, i added it, thank you very much