Customer with Opening Balance


When I add a new customer I cant find any place to fill his Opening Balance. How can I solve it…?


You will probably want to enter all outstanding invoices of customers. That will establish proper opening balance for each customer.

Keep in mind that if you are entering outstanding invoices, then opening balances for your other accounts must be entered from reports prepared on cash-basis.


We have a few costumers with negative opening balance (they overpaid the last invoice from previous year). Can I create these invoices with negative amount? Or there is another proper way?

Thanks for any suggestion.


Do not create negative invoices.

Create single journal entry that should look like this:

Account                                 |   Debit |    Credit
Customer advanced payments : Customer A |         |    500.00
Customer advanced payments : Customer B |         |    750.00
Opening balance equity                  | 1250.00 | 

This will for example establish advance payment for two customers with $500 and $750


Thanks for the reply,

OK with credits but for debit I can’t select Opening balance equity (not in the drop down list).


When a customer has negative balance (we owe him money and this amount is in the Advanced Customer Payments account), this credit doesn’t show in customer statement. It’s fixable?