End of Financial Year AU

I am just checking to see if Payment Summary Annual Report (EMPDUPE) and Individual Payroll summaries are intended to be included before the year end.
(Just need to know whether to order the paper version now or not)

Order the paper version. The main issue is that I’m still not entirely sure how to incorporate country-specific extensions into Manager yet.

If Manager would be strictly software for Australian market such as MYOB, then this is obviously non-issue. But Manager being generic accounting software, it makes things a bit more complicated.

However, “individual payroll summary” report would be generic thing that applies to all countries. Right?

Ok, No Prob . Thanks.

As far as the content, it is pretty generic and could potentially be useful as a report in itself.
I think the ATO just need a non editable report sent (pdf) but it will need the individuals Tax File Number to be incorporated - which is not currently collected.