Enable sales invoice copy to production order

Hello everyone,

I have been using Manager Cloud since early this year. Thanks @lubos & team for the awesome program.

I am requesting another feature that would help me a lot. Is it possible to enable “copy to” feature from the sales invoice to the production order?

This is to lighten the burden of doing production order in a later time.


That would not work. Information carried forward while copying includes finished goods and services and customer/supplier information. Production orders are about input goods on the bill of materials and non-inventory costs. There is little overlap. The information needed for a production order simply isn’t present on a sales invoice.

But I just need the information of finished goods that was sold out to customer. The information that was stated in the invoice is needed to take out the raw material.

For instance;

Information in the invoice as follow:
Finished good = MTO x 1 pc
Description = Polo button short sleeve size M
Material = Square fabric

When “copy to” features available, it is easy to just type in the bill of material that was used:
Bill of material included;
Square fabric x 300gm
Button x 3 pcs

your request is not a bad idea.
but it will not be practical to implement it because not all finished goods are directly produced from raw materials. in most cases there are more than one process involved before the finished good is produced. so having a copy to function will only help create the production order for the final process skipping all the prior production orders necessary.

@DSM_Enterprise, in the situation you describe, the only piece of information you would have for the production order would be the finished item. That is the easy part. The hard part is the bill of materials, which you propose to look up somewhere and type in. The fact is, finished inventory items are not linked to any bill of materials in the database.

A much easier approach would be to clone an existing production order and modify quantities.