Adding text to Navigation Buttons to make them searchable

I know we don’t have keyboard shortcuts for Manager, because it’s a lot of work for development and a bottomless pit for bugs. I think the developer’s decision is correct to avoid going there.

However, since I am using the browser, I have been using the search function to land me exactly where I wanted to click.
Search trick

I find this better than having to memorize shortcuts and I love it, however I cannot use it for navigation.

But maybe if transparent text is added to the buttons like: First, Prev., Next, Last that would make them searchable. I say transparent as so that it doesn’t clutter the screen or even be displayed so it doesn’t have to bear any additional overheads like having to be translated.

This would be like an Easter egg to those who use browser search for shortcuts. :exploding_head:

Additional request

I know this may seem unrelated but this post is all about improving searchability. What if additional spaces are added at the beginning of all UI elements so when I search for “Edit” I don’t land on “Credit Note.”

I fail to see any benefit. In order to enter the search criteria, you had to scroll to the top of your browser window and enter text, right past the Copy to button you wanted. Where is the savings in effort? And by the way, the buttons already include text. How different browsers treat that text varies when searching.

Not necessarily, I press Ctrl + f (that would be Command + f on Mac) and then I type what I want.

Most of the time I only type two to three letters to get what I want like “pd” for update or “eat” for create or “s i” for sales invoices.

For copy to all I have to press is Ctrl + f, then type this: y t and press Esc then Enter

You should give it a go.:slightly_smiling_face:

Regardless of how you search, it seems a lot more work than just clicking the button. I would rather scroll and click than open the search window, type an entry, click to search, and still have to click the button. Fewer steps. But at any rate, you say you are already doing this, so again, where is the benefit from changing anything?


You look like you’re not a keyboard type of guy. :grin:

You need to see an Excel monkey do it live to be convinced it’s faster.

Or just as a benchmark, Google Docs have dropped the keyboard shortcuts altogether in favor of using Alt + / and then type searching the command you want.

The only difference between Manager and Google Docs is that Docs has many hidden command that are unsearchable using the browser search. Manager on the other hand lists everything on page so it can skip the Alt + / part.

I am sure if Google though for a second that only a few people find this useful they wouldn’t have implemented this feature.

I like the idea! Im using also a lot of keyboard!

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I don’t use keyboard shortcuts either, but it is well known that using keyboard only (and no mouse) is actually quicker. You keep both hands on the keyboard with very little to no movement with the mouse. That time you spend moving hand to mouse is far slower than than just tapping the correct keyboard function.

I don’t use the keyboard shortcuts as I just never got around to learning them even though I know it technically slows me down. However a lot of people do.

I highly recommend adding text to Navigation Buttons to make them searchable even though you and I won’t benefit, but a lot of keyboard warriors will.

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