Employee Loan Repayment - Report Transformation

By using Report Transformation trying to generate the report for loan deduction, however unable to produce the required results, kindly assist, see the screen shot:

Is the screenshot your desired result or a failed one? It is not clear what you are requesting.

The screenshot is produced from Manager, need to know how to add columns which can fetch the data from the database (currently entered manually as custom field) also if any possibilites to add calculations usind script fuction…

@danowagroup there have been many discussions related to your queries in the localization topics which can help you undersatnd how to create a report transformation. please read them.

@sharpdrivetek kindly link those discussions, it could be great if we have more detailed guide as the current one is not sufficient Update localizations and report transformations | Manager

The short answer is you can’t and there is no programming guide / manual.

The long answer.
Manager’s approach to report transformations has flipped between opposite extremes.

In the past:

  • report transformations were very powerful, having access to most internal Manager variables and using a general programming language. The base language was documented elsewhere however Manger’s modification needed to be discovered.

  • programming discussion on the forum were discouraged.

Recently it was changed to a diametrically opposite approach:

  • report transformations are not based on a general programming language and access to most Manager data is very restricted. Resulting is a much more constrained but simpler interface.

  • report transformation programming discussions are encouraged on the forum. See Search results for '#localizations' - Manager Forum so now there is a lot of forum programming discussions and more people are being tempted to try it (which is good)

In my opinion somewhere between the above two approaches would be better again however I’m not doing the coding.

Report Transformation must be further enhance to facilitate the reporting requirements, if the existing reports not able to cover the user specific reporting, hope we will see some positive changes from you @lubos


set the category to localizations and read the topics displayed.

also, why are you using Report Transformations instead of using Custom Reports ?

@sharpdrivetek thank you!

We had already tried out the Custom Reports but not able to get the desired results either that’s why trying out the Report Transformations as it contain the section for Employee…

even Custom Reports contain Employee.

@danowagroup it looks like you are trying to use Report Transformations instead of the Custom Reports functionality as advised by @sharpdrivetek. You seem to want to automate the loan service calculations.

Such automation can not be achieved by either. For clarification see my post at

The closest thing to such is done with the depreciation of assets functions where you can manually trigger the calculations that you then need to confirm to be used.

@sharpdrivetek yes it was tested but not generating the required reports that’s why trying report transformation.

What is require?
Staff wise loan schedule:
-Name of staff
-Principal Amount of Loan
-Monthly Deductions
-Balance Amount

Let me know the possibilities.

@eko what staff loan has to do with depreciation?

Nothing, I explained that the closest thing to an automated loan schedule is what was implemented in depreciation calculations and even these are not automated but require manual trigger. An automated loan schedule is not possible in Manager as explained.

There is a difference b/w automation and custom reports, kindly don’t mix up!

How to generate a report?
Staff wise loan schedule:
-Name of staff
-Principal Amount of Loan
-Monthly Deductions
-Balance Amount

You can not use a Custom Report to produce a report like this

However, if you setup your employee loans using Special accounts, then these accounts will have the information you are looking for

How have you setup your loans?

You can easily create a Test Business and experiment with various options to see which one best meets your needs

Create a Control account named loan to Employees for Special Accounts.
Create Special Account on name of employees with control account named loan to Employees
And post all the Transactions to that account.
Then try to create custom report for your requirments.

We had already done that in the beginning however there are limitations with Special Accounts, can’t use them especially in Payslip items…