Employee Clearing account

How to see the payments made to a particular employee via employee clearing account on a later date

Not sure what you are asking. Under the employees tab you would see the list of employees including any advances paid if applicable. You can also click on the blue amount to say all payslips and payments.

For Example
There is an employee who gets a payment every day and at the end of the month, he takes the balance payment after the payslip is run.
But he requests a breakdown of his taken payment
Where can I get this detail

Yet another concern
To see these transactions between two dates

In my Employee Clearing Account I can click on the Balance amount opposite an employee’s name and I see all the payments and payslip amounts. If you want between particular dates I’d copy to clipboard and paste into Excel and delete what you don’t need. Maybe there’s another way, though.

Of course, but if there is a report will be much better
Like Select individual employees and transactions between two dates
I forward this to the consideration of the developer

@AMM, there are currently two ways to approach obtaining the information you want:

  • A custom report. The developer is working on a simplified method for defining these.
  • The Payslip Totals per Item and Employee report. The only disadvantage is that you get all employees. So the report is more useful for the employer than the employee. However, you could copy the report to a spreadsheet and manipulate it to extract only the information for one employee.