Emails not working - timing out

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I have not been able to use the email function for at least a week. I changed to custom and that does not help either.

I see the little dashes keep going until there is an error message "timed out"
This was a beautiful function of manager now impossible to use. I have version 15.5.3 latest.

Make sure your version of Manager is up to date.

As I said above, I have version 15.5.3 which it says it up to date.

The latest version is 15.7.27 so yours is not up to date. Not sure where you see it’s up to date as Manager doesn’t contain any “check for updates” mechanism.

This is probably really stupid, but how do you update Manager to the latest version? I can’t find any update button/link and I’ve searched this forum but can’t find anything. Am I missing something? I’m on Mac OS X.

I’m also having the email problem and am hoping updating to the latest version will fix.

Just download the latest version from and override the older version.

Okay so now there was an update V15.7.27 Failure sending mail is the message.
Tried again and this time it says "The operation has timed out."
I will set the emails back to default and see what happens.

I reset to default and now it is working!!!
Thank you lubos!
Have a coffee on me!
(how?:smile: )