@ Emails category -suggestion

I would like to suggest an additional column of Customer be available in the @Emails category. When I review the emails that I have sent I can see the date, the email address and the subject of the email. In the majority of cases the email address and the customers name are not at all matchable. I would like to be able to see the Customers name as well that I sent the email to. I am sure that would be a relative simple addition for @lubos

The email transaction form contains no Customer field. Therefore, there is no customer associated with an email, only the email address. This is true even when emailing transactions that contain a customer name. The program pulls the customer’s email address from the customer definition, but not the customer’s name, just as it does not pull the customer’s currency, billing address, or credit limit. The program does not use such information.

Placing {{ recipient.name }} in the Subject line on the email templates may help.
eg {{ recipient.name }} Monthly Statement would give you Customers Name Monthly Statement as the subject of the email. This will be the customers name associated with the email address.