Email not using media type directive

I am using the media type directive in my Sales invoice template to distinguish between the invoice in view mode and the print/email version which goes to the customer. In manager 15.7.31 it seems that the email version no longer supports the media type directive. The hard-copy (print) still does.

It’s possible this got broken. Honestly, I didn’t realize someone would use in templates different CSS media types directives.

I will look into this next month. Just out of curiosity, why do you use different CSS for screen and different for print?

Hi @lubos,

I have several reasons for that. I will post here my main and one additional reason.


The obvious main reason is that I want different data on the sales invoice in view mode compared to print/email version.

For example; we deliver directly to customers instead of businesses. Therefore we don’t have to specify a VAT percentage/amount per line item. A total VAT amount at the bottom of the invoice or even a line stating that all amounts are VAT inclusive is enough, which makes it simpler for the customer.

But in view mode I do want to see these VAT percentages as a means to verify I gave all inventory items the right VAT percentage. So I gave this column a special CSS style to only show when media is screen.


One additional reason was the footer of the invoice. This gave me a headache, nothing seemed to work, not even the sticky footer solution, until I found your suggestion below. This method however needs a directive otherwise is shows at the bottom of manager. (original post: Problems with invoice template)

@media print
    #invoice-footer {
        width: 100%;
        display: block;
        position: fixed;
        bottom: 0;

Thanks, this is helpful. I completely forgot about sticky footer support.