Email and SMS Alerts

Weldone to all of you in this forum especially the Manager Team.

Can you consider the possibility of email and or sms alert to customers and suppliers when they are created, including any activity in their accounts.

Aliyu HM

You can already email their record to them. And for customers, you can create portals. But nothing external happens in Manager without your direct action. You really need to reconsider whether you want your accounting program communicating with customers or suppliers automatically. There are huge security and privacy issues there.

Automation of such across different platforms is not possible. For linux you would require so called cronjobs. So in essence all automation in Manager is triggered by the user. They send emails, they create reports, etc. Nothing is automated and as @Tut mentioned that is actually a very good thing. No hacker could trigger automated commands, so less chance they mess up with our precious accounts.