In the new Version, there is Integrations menu in the setting. How to use this?
Please advise.


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This is a new feature for KSA market compliance.

The exact details are not yet announced by the developer.

It’s an experimental feature. I’m exploring how 3rd-party integrations could be done. You can ignore it for now.


Hi there. I would like to make an integrations for Panama Electronic Invoicing compliance. How can I do? I Would like to make my own 3rd party integration.

@rdavidsc email me to lubos@manager.io and we will figure out how to accomplish that.

Does this mean integrating Stripe, Paypal or even Zapier is in the pipeline?

Hi Lubos!

I heve sent the email as you requested. did you get it?


any updates on the above feature? @lubos

Extracted from the Forum Rules:

We are quite excited that this eInvoicing is given some consideration in Manager. The NZ Government has sent an update just showing how eInvoicing is gaining momentum in NZ. Some detail here - https://www.einvoicing.govt.nz/#einvoicing-registered . I know NZ is microscopic in terms of big businesses but it is a platform for fast technology uptake. Let us know if there is anything we can contribute or test for Manager Accounting.

Has the Integrations Feature moved to another place, because it was there before and cannot find it now

No, it’s still under Settings, at least in today’s v23.7.8.864.