E-Invoicing Phase 2 KSA


As Phase II integration in E-invoicing in KSA is round the corner (Jan 2023), is there any update for Manager Version software compliant enough to meet the guidelines/regulations.


Kindly assist to me the version will Upgrade in before Jan2023
Right Now I am using the Version 22.8.12

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This would require

The KSA localization is in progress.

However, contributors are welcome to join in the team since this will not only help with finishing the localization faster, but also ensure compliance in the future.

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Yes I am keen to know how Manager will fit into this requirement of e-invoicing. The idea is projected here in NZ as a push to simplify and speed operations up in business accounting. However what are the ramifications for businesses with accounting systems not yet there with e-invoicing? New Zealand is intending to make e-invoicing a requirement on 01 April 2023 (Not sure if it will be enforced though).

How it is expected to work

1. A supplier’s financial system generates an invoice for the buyer
2. The invoice information passes through the eInvoicing network, where it validates information like NZ Business Number (NZBN).
3. The invoice information is passed to the buyer’s financial system where it is reconciled against purchase details and is ready to be paid. (The NZBN is used to ensure the eInvoice is directed to the right buyer.)
4. Access point providers (secure gateways) connect businesses to the eInvoicing network.

How it is expected to work


Keen to know Manager Accounting plans on this or any thoughts please?

Dear Ealfardan
Thanks for your feedback
yes I am waiting for Updated Phase II E invoicing system in Saudi Arabia .
I hope it will be updated before end of December 2022. we need to Use 01 January 2023.

2ed phase will be rolled on 6 groups.
1st group will be implemented on 1st January 2023 for sales +3billion

as ZATCA Announced there will be official notification with 6month notice before implementation of each group

Yes, also I’m waiting for E-Invoicing Phase 2 KSA to be implemented in manager.io that would be great also ZAKAH calculation on the working capital.

I’ve checked the internet for this topic the admins can use it if helpful