Editing imported transactions

After importing bank statement transactions, these transactions are initially classified as “Suspense”. When I click on “Edit” to edit the transaction, I am presented with the usual payment/receipt entry screen with details of the transaction pre-populated. At this point, if I change the account to the appropriate account, everything works well, but if the transaction was a purchase or sale of an inventory item, then as soon as I select the “Item” from the list, the unit price (which currently represents the imported transaction amount) is deleted. This is cumbersome, because to correctly edit this transaction, I first have to copy the amount to avoid loosing it, then select the inventory item, then paste the amount in the unit price and then divide by the quantity purchased, and populate the quantity field.

I think it would be better if the unit price is not deleted when an item is chosen from the drop-down menu. I don’t think the software should be losing an imported value, only because the user selected the inventory items that was affected.

You may also consider redesigning how imported transactions are edited. For example, rather then presenting the transaction amount as a unit price, instead have it represent the transaction amount (which it actually is), then if a user selects an item from the list, and populates the quantity, the unit price is calculated by the software (by dividing the transaction amount by the quantity).

Please let me know your thoughts.

This is a consequence of recent changes to the program. Read about them in these topics:

My personal thoughts are that this change was counter-productive.

@slavaf2000 what version you are using? This was behavior before version 21.11.74.

The latest version doesn’t have Unit price column on imported transactions. Just Amount and when you enter Qty, it will not change your total like before (unit price will be automatically calculated).

My version is 21.9.27.

Ok thank you for letting me know!