Transaction Edit "bug"?

Previously, when (say) a Receipt or Payment was entered into the “Unit Price” field, the amount would remain in that field AS ENTERED. Now, if a whole amount (e.g. $100.00) is entered and then an “Edit” is done on that form, the field is displayed WITHOUT the zeros after the decimal point (e.g. 100). Although this does not affect the calculations etc, it does “look strange” when all other amounts have dollars AND cents displayed. The Manager system in the past always used to retain the amount EXACTLY as entered; so, if 100.00 was entered, THAT is how it would appear on “Edit” … but now all amounts with all zeros after the decimal point are shown without those zeros. It is more of a presentation issue rather than a bug … but I believe that the system should not change what is entered. Whatever is entered in data entry should be shown that way upon “Edit”.

The behavior has changed to support built-in calculator. There is some more work I plan to do to implement rounding and tax amount calculations as you are entering your transactions. As a side effect, the figures on edit screen should be normalized so you see consistency.

Thanks for the prompt reply :grinning: