eBay and Paypal integration

Are there any plans on adding eBay and Paypal integration for easy business management.
It needs to track all the fees and be able to generate tax reports.

No sure what sort of integration you have in mind. You can create Paypal account as a bank account in Manager and then import Paypal transactions into Manager as if it’s a bank account (Paypal supports export to QIF format which Manager can import).

I meant automatic import of sales and tracking of fees.

Paypal feeds haven’t been implemented yet, the import must be done manually through QIF files for now.

With respect to fees … should PayPal be treated as a bank account or as a cash account?

Treat PayPal accounts as bank accounts since they behave that way.

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Ok … but where and how do I record the bank charges on the sales invoice to make every thing balance correctly?