Earnings after cogs per customer

dear all,

any ideas how to generate the profit per customer basis?

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Very good question

excel is your friend :smiley:

Not acceptable :grinning:

Perhaps you could use a custom report. Don’t know how to set that up though.

The data to do this really does not exist within Manager. Earnings are not calculated and stored as a variable for individual transaction line items, which is what would be needed to generate a report like this. One reason is that it could only be done for inventory items that have an average cost in Inventory on hand at the moment of sale. There is no method for calculating earnings on other individual line items.

The closest you can get to this information is the Inventory Profit Margin report. But it only reports aggregate margins over a time period. There is no drill-down capability that would allow you to see earnings per customer unless you can isolate a date range to a single customer. This report is not constructed from line item information, but from changes to balances of Inventory - sales and Inventory - cost accounts.