Customer wise profit report

i need customer wise profit report how to get this in manager accounting sofware?

There is no in-built report with this information. You may be able to get a custom report to provide some of the data needed to produce such a report but it would require quite an effort, I imagine

Apart from the cost of sales of goods sold to a customer, how would you apportion administrative and fixed costs to a customer?

Thanks a lot for your reply to my topic if invoice wise profit/cost report can be obtain it would do for me. is there any option to get this kind of report? Pls help me.


That cannot be done, either. The problems are the same. This is really a pricing issue, not an accounting issue.

thanks a lot Tut. Is it possible to create a customize calculated field in sales invoice where total purchase price will be calculated?


One way to do this is to download sales and cost of sales data and by using pivot tables in excel you can generate profitability by customer and by invoice.

Thanks applet. This is a good solution but how to download sales and cost of sales data? Pls help me.

Just click on sales and cost of sales from the summary page. Click export at the bottom, copy and paste in excel. Invoice number is the unique identifier.

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Thanks a lot applet.

@Tut can you make it this report ? this is need for every one thankz

No, I cannot. I am a forum moderator, not the developer.

@lubos please look this query

You can try this. This lists all transactions (sales less cost of sales) by customer with the total at the end.

Output is as follows:

@Tut @lubos Any tips on just getting just customer name and the TOTAL profit figure. It used to work in the past but since last couple of months, it’s not working.

Not from me. I have little experience with custom reports because the built-in ones provide all the information I need.

how can you check ? customer wise profit
even sales invoice wise profit ?

Projects may be a solution for you.