Dutch/Belgian question: "Inkoopfactuur" or "Inkooporder"?

I use Manager as an application on my Mac. I think I get the hang of it, but I have a problem though. I book all my expenses as “Inkoopfactuur”. I’m not sure if that’s correct:

  • An “Inkoopfactuur” is not numbered, while I think that’s obliged in Belgium. “Inkooporders” ARE numbered. So is that the one I have to use?
  • A “Factuur” also makes that: an invoice. Which doesn’t seem appropriate for expenses in a normal shop (Like Brico, where you don’t use invoices).
    -What’s the correct translation for inkoopfactuur and inkooporder? That would make it easier to use the manual…

Inkoopfactuur is Purchase Invoice
Inkooporder is Purchase Order,

That was easy to find by changing the language settings :smile:

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