Duplicate Usernames

I am using password manager, and whenever I am creating or editing users in Manager Cloud. It fills my username, which is administrator, to those profiles. Most of the times I have to log out of my password manager to edit any user but I got myself in trouble when I was creating a limiting user and it added my username and then I got stuck on that limited user privileges. Please introduce duplicate username check and restriction.

Fortunately I had administrator password too so I fixed it but why there should be multiple same usernames.

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I know this is weird. Basically I want Manager to never fight with the user and accept anything that’s being thrown at it (and try to make the best out of it). This principle, when applied without exceptions, can lead to some pretty confusing outcomes. The latest version (20.2.64) will show the duplicate usernames in red color to highlight the issue better.

Screenshot_2020-04-07 Users

I know it’s not exactly what you are requesting but I’ve seen this problem before and it was difficult to spot the problem. The new version makes it more obvious now.