Latest version retained earnings problem

hello ,

i updated to new version.

now my retained earnings are not showing all history as well as current date i.e. 25th march 2021

previosuly if i used to spend lets say 2000 rupees for office expense, retained earnings used to show it there n there, now my RE history seems incomplete and current record doesnt show

This is normal, it was changed some time ago.

It now only shows entries posted directly to the retained earnings account.

There should be very few or none as you would not normally post to this account but would post to income and expense accounts and this would be reflected in the Retained Earnings account

What and why have you posted to this account?

It is not reflecting in the retained earnings account. That is the problem. I mean if i do expense entry today of 2000 rs , it should reflect the same in retained earnings account. Similarly if i earned 5000 revenue , that should also reflect in retained earning. It is not reflecting on the retained earning that is on front interface below capital

What, exactly, do you mean by this? Do you mean that an expense recorded via a payment does not alter the Retained earnings balance? Or do you mean that an expense does not explicitly show as a transaction when drilling down on the Retained earnings balance? As @Joe91 already wrote, only transactions explicitly posted to Retained earnings will be included in the list. For example, if a distribution of earnings is recorded by journal entry from Retained earnings to a capital account, that will show. But a payment posted to your Utilities expenses account will not. The latter type will be included in the opening line as “Profit (loss) for the period.”

it is altering the retained earnings balance but yes it is not showing when drilling down the retained earnings balance.

Thank you TUT for helping me in explaining the problem.

if not showing the balance in drilling down is a choice by administrators, I respect it but it was a really useful report because within few clicks users were able to see what made their capital / RE grow and what made their capital/RE reduce i.e. expenses.

As a accounting university teacher, I really loved this option. I willl try to downgrade to previous versions.