Double payment

Is it normal that an invoice can be paid twice ? Shouldn’t an error message pop up when trying to create a new payment through Receipts&Payments - new Payment for an invoice that is already “Paid in full” ?
Shouldn’t a “Paid in Full” invoice be blocked for overpayment ?

Please advise

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if this is happening then it should be corrected.

It is not right.

No, it should not. Customers sometimes overpay. You would not want to post the receipt to some other account when a customer has designated it for a specific invoice. If an invoice is overpaid, its status reveals that, making correction easy through coordination with the customer. If the receipt were posted elsewhere, you could have a difficult time tracking it down. Read more here:

The program is purposely designed that way. What is not right is your customer overpaying. The program’s design minimizes the problems if that occurs.

So you mean any system shouldn’t give any pop up if user is making mistake.

This is a common feature that should be there, how can a system allow you to make payment against same invoice twice??

I’m sorry @tut you behave like nobody should give any feedback or suggestion only.


I was referring to supplier’s invoices. It happened that by accident I entered the same payment through Receipts&Payments - new Payment to an invoice I had already paid couple of days ago and the system did not prevent me of doing it or alerted me somehow

I did not say that, nor did you suggest it. You asked if overpayment should be blocked.

Because you might want to under some circumstances. Manager’s design philosophy, as expressed by the developer, is not to limit your choices within the confines of standard accounting. Suppose a supplier sends an incorrect invoice offering an early payment discount. You want to take advantage of the discount, so must pay by a certain date, before the supplier has a chance to correct the invoice (perhaps they process invoices every two weeks and the deadline is one week away). The program will not prevent you from paying what you know to be the correct amount.

I am sorry if you have that impression. You have made a number of suggestions in several different threads recently, some of which cannot be implemented. I’ve done my best to explain why. In other cases, I have tried to explain how you can already do what you want. That is what I am asked to do as a moderator.

True, the system will not prevent you from overpaying, whether by accident or on purpose. However, if you follow the practice of initiating new payments from the purchase invoice View screen, you will see all payments made against the invoice and the remaining balance due. If you are using the built-in Plain theme, you will also see a PAID IN FULL stamp for any invoice you’ve already fully paid.

Further, initiating payment from the View screen autofills the balance due on the invoice into the payment transaction. If you owe zero, the payment will be zero. If you have previously overpaid, the payment amount will be negative.

Ok now i’m making suggestion about this :wink:

Tut I don’t know how you correlated this with double invoicing?
Our point was that if I’m selecting bill no. 24 which is paid already in full then in drop downbox don’t show invoice which are being already paid in full.

Thanks & Regards.

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It could alert though with a pop up

This is not always the case. I totally agree with @Ashish_Mishra post
“Our point was that if I’m selecting bill no. 24 which is paid already in full then in drop downbox don’t show invoice which are being already paid in full”
Every user is working the way is more convinient for him. Please try to see the simple user’s site of view :slightly_smiling_face:

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I did not. I have written about double payments and overpayments.

As I have already explained, you may need or want to overpay a purchase invoice or receive excess money against a sales invoice. If paid in full invoices are not shown, you would not be able to do that. The system allows for circumstances beyond those you may encounter in your business.

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I think it would be a good idea though to have either an option (in settings ?) to allow or not the overpayment of an invoice or better a pop up saying that you are going to overpay the invoice or that the invoice is already fully paid and ask you if you want to proceed … :slight_smile: