Don't you have the version number anymore

I went to check the version number on the download desktop to see if I need to update and the V number is not there.and have you gone back to changelogs instead of what it was 2 days ago?

I’m always looking for ways to simplify build and release process. Anyway, I’m working on the program constantly but not every new version has meaningful “what’s new” description. Many versions are fixing rare bugs or contain new code which serves no immediate benefit to end-user and but it is a foundation for upcoming features.

Having version number so prominently on “Downloads” page is encouraging people to constantly inquire “what’s new” especially if last version in changelog appears to be 5 versions behind.

The best way to keep up to date is to simply keep an eye on changelog and upgrade when it suits you. Rather than constantly compare your installed version to what’s published on “Downloads” page.

My current version says 15.2.129, but that doesn’t show up in the log, is that just a mistake.

Not every version will be in changelog. Many versions are maintenance releases which don’t add enough (if anything at all) to be mentioned in changelog.