Divisions of Inventory Items not auto filling in Invoices


Thanks. It has been updated

Micro businesses often consist of more than one company. A small business with a couple of properties may want costing by property. Just because big business divide themselves into divisions does not mean very small business may use a simplified version of similar constructs.

In summary Manager supporting simplified version of modules offered in bug business packages is consistent with Managers prior approach.

For a big business Manager is very unlikely to be a wise choice. Using a product with Managers support structure is likely to be a poor business decision. Paying significantly more for a product with establish commercial support, training and customisation offerings better fits that markets requirements. I maybe wrong but I can’t see Manager changing their entire business approach.

The microbusiness will for example own several properties and it would be normal that all balance sheet accounts are part of the microbusiness while P&L would deal with transactions per property and thus each property could represent a Project.