Display referred object custom fields in documents

Cloud Edition:-

In one business I use these Classic Custom Fields

When creating an invoice the business’s custom fields are listed below the business details and the customer’s custom fields are listed to the left, which works very well for me.

How does one recreate this with the new Custom Fields?

I’ve tried using the new text fields, but they don’t display on the invoice unless one adds them to the sales invoices in the creation screen,

but then they need to be captured each time and they don’t display in my preferred positions, as above.


The only work-around I can see at the moment, apart from using the Classic Custom Fields, is to remove the new custom fields and just type the details in the address boxes for the business and customers. Perhaps this is best, in this particular case, or is there a way of achieving this?

[aside] when re-editing a custom field the first placement button’s “Business Details” text disappears

How did you create it with classic custom fields? No one can guess how to recreate something you have not shown.

Correct. The same was true of classic custom fields, except that you could only create a field for one transaction. The new type can be reused.

Unless you fill in a custom field under Form Defaults, they have always needed to be completed on each transaction. As for where they appear, that goes back to my first comment above.

You need to explain this further. Your screen shot is not clear because it illustrates a single state at an undefined point in whatever process you undertook.

I can confirm this change of behavior in custom fields.

Classic Custom Fields of customers when set to show on printed documents automatically appear under the customer in any document that references the customer

The new implementation of Custom Fields does not display referred custom fields regardless of whether they were set to show on printed documents.

This is expected, when you remove the placement of custom fields from an object or a document, you don’t want the remnant to hang around forever.

  1. Create Classic Custom Field for your Business Details

  2. In Business Details capture and save the field information

  3. Create Classic Custom Field for Customers

  4. In the Customers tab capture the new field

  5. This is how the sales invoice displays the old Classic Custom Fields