Display error on inter account transfers


during my diary use of Manager found this behaviour:

seems related just to Inter Account Tranfers

tested in 20.8.99 and 20.8.56

I am not sure what you are reporting. Your first entry is interpreted as a calculation: 30 - 22.99. So there is nothing incorrect about that. See Perform calculations in number fields | Manager.

But there is a bug. The decimal-place definition of the currency is not followed. In my experimentation, this generally occurs when:

  • The calculation includes a subtraction or addition.
  • The remainder or sum includes a decimal fraction that is not .5 (suggesting this may be related to rounding).

The behavior is erratic, making it difficult to pin down the exact conditions. But there may be a range within which the remainder or sum must lie. That range can include negative numbers.

I have moved the topic to bugs and edited the title.

Fixed in the latest version (20.10.64)