Discrepancy on Cash Flow Statement

I have encountered an issue where the cash amount at the end of a period in the Cash Flow Statement does not match the amount listed on the corresponding Balance Sheet.

To demonstrate, I created a test company with a few transactions, with the reports below:

I believe the issue is the Currency Gains/Losses. If they are not added back in the Cash Flow Statement, the Net Increase in Cash Held becomes:

177,000 - 47,500 - 33,250 = 96,250
(Net Income - Change in AR - Change in Inventory = Net Increase in Cash)

…which matches the Balance Sheet cash figure.

Is this a bug?

This would be definitely a bug. Those reports need to be consistent no matter what.

Can you send me the test file to lubos@manager.io ? I’ve noticed you are using the new way to calculate realized / unrealized currency gains (losses) and I must have missed something.