Discount Field in Spend & Receive Transaction Form

Is it possible to add a custom “discount field” in “Spend and Receive form”? And make visible on the generated form so we might be able to see the discounted and the total amount of the transaction?

Why is this feature important to you?

To me, the discount field you request seems not only unnecessary, but wrong. When using Spend Money or Receive money, you are recording an exact transaction. Discounts play no part.

The place to show a discount is on the sales invoice. That way, the account receivable is lowered. Or, if you decide to extend a discount later, use a credit note.

Actually I tried to put an entry from an invoice directly to Cash Account (Receive) and an invoice has a discount. I just want the discount and its original amount to be stated in the report if it is possible and I guess it will be convenient if the field is available in the form.