Discount column for Receipts Documents

Currently, if you want to give a discount to a walk in customer (customers without accounts) ,you have to insert a line or adjust the rate on the receipt form.

It would be nice to have the discount option show on receipt and payment forms as it does on the Sales and Purchases invoice forms. :arrow_down:

I’m aware this gives retails sales attendants the ability to give discounts (unauthorized discounts). But that can easily be resolved by extending user permission to some few fields e.g. To the Discount and the Reference field.

Should Receipts and Payment forms have the discounts option? Kindly share your thoughts.


I don’t think this is necessary for a receipt, because a discount is just a unit price reduction. And any predefined unit price from an inventory or non-inventory item can be calculated within the field.

For a payment, a discount does not seem applicable. You would enter the price invoiced by a supplier. You cannot extend a discount to yourself.

I also would like to see the discount option on receipts.
It performs a good PR exercise in letting the customer know you have looked after them by giving them a discount. Might not be for everyone but, in retail especially, it creates that ‘warm fuzzy feeling’ for the customer… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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@VACUUMDOG Yes, that is why I used a walk-in customer for the example. Showing discount offered on the receipt helps retain your customers in the retail business.

@Tut adjusting the price as you suggested above would work for Sales invoices too but sales invoice has the discount option because it is important to show the customer the discount they were given.

I believe if the Purchases invoice has the discount option, payment should also have it. This gives both Accrual accounting and Cash Basis users the opportunity to keep a record of the discount offered in Manager.


I have wondered why “Cash” sales/purchases in Manager are handled differently to “Invoiced” transactions.

Functionality the optional transaction descriptors are identical except for payment timing.

I tried to logically follow this approach through here. It is a possible new approach Create purchase invoice from bank transaction - #17 by Patch

I have added this topic to the ideas category. There is no real reason why receipts document shouldn’t have a “discount column”.

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I fully agree. There is a great need for a discount feature on payment receipts :wink:

And what about that discount feature in revenue and payment transactions?
The idea itself was introduced more than half a year ago. Is this still under consideration?
Example: Inventories and goods are purchased with a supplier’s invoice or paid for immediately with a bank card, credit, or cash.
Why can a discount only be applied to purchases with debt?

When this idea able to use?

Added to the latest version (22.7.4)